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Here’s a growing list of petitions from students, alumni and community members, throughout this country who are working toward changing “Native” imagery and Native themed names in their local schools. Support them by signing their petitions and sharing on social media. Scroll down.

How to Petition Your School to Change their Offensive Native Mascot/Logo

  1. Identify who the petition is directed at. Are you trying to get the school board to vote on a change? Are you trying to address the principal or the superintendent? The school board may be the best option.
  2. Write a letter to them and formally request the name/logo change. You must be specific about what you are asking for. You may also include education and resources on why Native mascots/names are harmful. If you need any direction wording for this letter or petition, check out all the petitions already on our site at www.nomorenativemascots.org. Click on “Take Action”.
  3. You can go onto Change.org and create a petition there. You may also use other petition platforms as well. Please note that when Change.org requests donations, this does not go to your organization, it goes to Change.org. Creating an online petition is pretty straight forward and then you can share on all social media platforms. Send to us at nomoremascots@gmail.com and we can put it up on our website.
  4. Check in with your school board to see when their next school board meeting is. You can ask to be put on the next school board agenda to discuss this, get support, and push the school to make a decision.
  5. There are many Native organizations out there who can provide resources as well. Look at the links under “Resources” on this website.
  6. It’s important to also look to the Indigenous community whose land and territory you were on. If there is no active Indigenous tribe or band, you can look to some of the national organizations listed in our resources. It’s always important to include Native voices but also it’s very important to include scientific research, this can be found on our website as well, or look to research completed by Dr. Stephanie Fryberg. 
  7. You may also reach out to National Coalition to Retire Indigenous Mascots who will be addressing this issue nationally. You can email them at retiremascots@gmail.com to see if you can be included. 

Good luck to you! Many other advocates who are currently working on this issue in their communities are leaning on each other and supporting each other. They may be a point of contact as well. 


For years, Ridley School District’s mascot has been The Raider, a title accompanied by an image of a Native American.

This image is a caricature of indigenous people, and pairing it with the term Raider, which means thief, perpetuates negative stigma. It is time that Ridley School District changes their mascot image and title to something that is not racist.

With the help of your signature, we can show the school board and administrators of the district that we as students will not be silent to this racism any longer. Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/xVdPjVtbW4

Retire South Point High Schools “Red Raider” Mascot

The town of Belmont, NC exists on land that once belonged to the Catawba and Sugaree tribes. South Point High School was established in 1964 with the mascot the “Red Raider,” depicted as a bright red Native American man with an earring, mohawk, and feather. South Point’s mascot, which presents a racialized caricature of a marginalized group, is offensive, insulting to Native Americans, and should be retired. 

As South Point alumni, we recognize that many people feel a sense of pride and identity with the Red Raider mascot, and that a call to retire the mascot will bring feelings of anger, defensiveness, and confusion. We recognize that it is easier to name and call out racism in other communities and institutions than to do so within an institution we have grown up in and identified with, and that it is not easy to use the word “racist” in association with a school we feel great pride in. We also recognize that many alumni who do feel uncomfortable with the mascot may still feel hesitant to say so publicly at the risk of upsetting friends and family members. Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/tsHmnCgybP

Susquehanna’s Racist Mascot MUST Change

We, as alumni, students, faculty, staff, and community members of the Susquehanna Township School District (STSD), demand that the District’s use of an Indian mascot permanently be discontinued. The mascot is wholly offensive to Native people and nations; its continued use blatantly disregards the humanity of Native Americans and wrongfully compresses their diversity into a harmful stereotype.

A review of decades of social science research documented that Indian sports mascots harmfully “perpetuate negative associations of and attitudes towards Native Americans.” 

The Indian mascot is a remnant of an era in which racism and bigotry were tolerated; the continued use of the stereotype contributes to a deliberate disregard for the personhood of Native peoples. Read More and Sign The Petition Herehttp://chng.it/7dytnhBqbB


Retire the “Savage” Mascot

The small town of Lamar, Colorado has been under pressure to change its mascot for decades. It has managed to avoid this by gaining community support for a term that’s used as a racial slur outside the town’s boundaries. Inside, it’s seen a source of pride.

In 2016, the Colorado Commission to Study American Indian Representations in Public Schools visited Lamar to discuss the mascot. Their published recommendation was to eliminate use of the name and image of the Savage mascot. (https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/sites/default/files/atoms/files/CSAIRPS-Report-2016_0.pdf

From page 12 of the Commission’s report, according to the American Psychological Association,  studies have demonstrated that the use of American Indian mascots impact both the American Indian and non-Native communities. 

An ever-growing coalition of alumni are calling for the school to take seriously the Commission’s report, and change the mascot. We are committed to helping support the Lamar School Board come into compliance with the recommendations, and we ask that we, the community and the board, repair by making a public statement of acknowledgement—by admitting we were wrong. We are committed to helping form a formal partnership with a federally recognized tribe to collaborate on curriculum that includes the reality of the genocide of Indigenous peoples in our history, and Lamar’s part in that, which includes the tension of the Lamar mascot being preserved for so long, alongside the events that happened at the Sand Creek Massacre Historic Site outside of town. We must teach future generations to become accomplices for the liberation of Indigenous peoples now. Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/D8b6WJPSYD

Remove Parkersburg High School’s Racist Mascot

According to CollegeSimply.com, the student body of Parkersburg High School is only 0.1% Native American. With a student body consisting almost solely of white students and no significant Native American history surrounding the school, having the Big Red Indian as our mascot is offensive, obsolete, and outdated.

This video shows our mascot doing the “Big Red Indian Dance” circa 2010. https://youtu.be/XAyE0HOKkrA

In 1915, the name “Big Reds” was adopted with the colors red and white. The name, for the color. But in 1961, the mascot was added. It’s not part of the history of our school and was way past the point where this would be deemed insensitive to Native American culture.

Today, we need to strive for better. We as a school and a great community need to dismantle these racist stereotypes and do better for the Native American population of not only our county but our state. Along with that, influence future generations to look up to forward progress, rather than old ideals.

Please sign this petition to better our school, and make it a welcoming place for not just some, but all. Read More and Sign the Petition Here: http://chng.it/jDbStKGvyh

Change James Caldwell High School “Chiefs” Mascot and Logo

With the newly energized movement against racism in this country, it is urgent that we end any racist practices within our own schools and communities. The James Caldwell High School “Chiefs” mascot is a racist mascot at the expense of Native American people. We are calling on the Caldwell/West Caldwell Board of Education to change the team name, logo, and its Native American association.

No matter the initial intent in creating this mascot, the connotations and relation to the exploitation of Native Americans has already been established. Many Native American individuals, tribes, organizations and more have spoken out against the practice of Native Americans as mascots, and the JCHS mascot in particular. Read More and Sign the Petition Here. 

Petition to Replace the Archbishop Ryan “Raider” Mascot

Dear President Barnett, Principal McFadden, Assistant Principal Dooley, Assistant Principal Panepresso, and other Archbishop Ryan faculty:

We, the students, alumni, and other community members and allies, call for the removal and replacement of the “Raider” mascot. This mascot imagedepicts and stereotypes Indigenous peoples as brutal and violent. Images, like the logo of an Indigenous person or the masks students wear to impersonate Indigenous people, are damagingly racist. After centuries of stereotypes, genocide, and erasure throughout the United States’ history, it is past time to replace racist mascots like Archbishop Ryan’s.

As an organization receiving taxpayer subsidies, it is unacceptable to see this racism amplified and represented by the school. We request the immediate replacement of this mascot, especially in light of Archbishop Ryan’s recent government aid to alleviate COVID-19 pandemic challenges.

Read More and Sign the Petition Here

Retire the Spaulding High School Red Raider (Rochester, NH)

Spaulding High School in Rochester, New Hampshire has used the image and name “The Red Raider” as its mascot since the 1950’s. This issue has come before the Rochester school board several times in the past, with the board continually voting to keep the mascot. In 2002, the NH State Board of Education made a proclamation stating the use of Native American depictions was offensive. The American Psychological Association (APA) confirms that these symbols and mascots have a negative effect on the mental health and education of Indigenous children, as well as the community’s ability to work against the stereotyping of BIPOC (Black-Indigenous-People of Color) groups. In the wake of the tragic murder of George Floyd and the historic movement for racial equity, we are calling on the community of Rochester to once and for all retire the racist mascot of “The Red Raider.” Read More and Sign the Petition Here. 

Sign On To Change The Radnor Raider Mascot and Name

To Radnor Township School Board and Township Commissioners,

We, the undersigned, urge you to immediately change the name, mascot and imagery used for Radnor sports teams. The ongoing use of “Raider” along with the Indianhead and Native American feather imagery is offensive and not in keeping with the educational goals of our school district to teach respect and to reject all forms of bullying and racism.

The Radnor School District often speaks to the importance of inclusion, respect, and caring for its students and larger community. The “Radnor Raider” is in direct contradiction to these values. It is time for the Radnor Township School Board and Radnor Township Commissioners to lead by example and to reject the ongoing use of such offensive imagery and language. There are hundreds of other mascots Radnor could proudly display. To name a few: The Radnor Raptors, Radnor Red Cardinals, Radnor Red Foxes, Radnor Velvet Ants, Radnor Red Efts, Radnor Ladybugs, Radnor Red Spiders, Radnor Poison Dart Frogs, Radnor Red Crabs, Radnor Red Snakes, Radnor Coral Snakes, Radnor Red Squirrels, Radnor Griffins, Radnor Heat, Radnor Fire, Radnor Lightening or Radnor Hawks. You can read more Read More and Sign on Here

*Currently there are two petitions going to remove Radnor name and mascot. See below.

An Open Letter to Radnor Township School District Superintendent of Schools, Kenneth E. Batchelor, and Radnor Township School District School Board Members, Susan Stern, Amy Goldman, Andrew Babson, Liz Duffy, Sarah Dunn, Jeff Jubelirer, Nancy Monahan, Bradley Moore, and Lydia T. Solomon:

Radnor for Reform is a student-led organization dedicated to removing any cultural references associated with the Radnor mascot, logo, and team name.

In 2013 the Radnor Township School District decided to stop using the RHS mascot recognizing that the school was not best represented by “an exaggerated Native American caricature.” In making that decision the RTSD announced “The decision is in line with a core vision of the district to encourage students to enhance their communities – both within and outside the school – through ongoing choice and action.” It is in  the spirit of that vision that we write to you to request the immediate removal of the Native American imagery still representing our school and still associated with the past mascot; to suggest the name “Raiders” be similarly retired; and to propose possible ways a new mascot, logo, and team name can be chosen to appropriately represent our community moving forward.

Read More and Sign Here

Bring Awareness & Change to the Offensive Native American Theming Within Waxahachie ISD

Waxahachie Independent School District has used Native American theming throughout the entirety of its schools and concurrent facilities. This ranges from the mascot being the popular misnomer “Indians” to the in-school restaurant being named “The Reservation” at the high school. There are countless other examples of the district trivializing and discouraging greater cultural depth and deference to Native Americans. Over 450 Native American tribes and coalitions across the globe have denounced the use of their culture as a mascot or theme in any regard so the superficial treatment of multiple cultural facets makes the perpetration that much worse. The WISD currently has a less than 1% population of self-identifying Native Americans according to recent census and likewise no accountability or proper consultation for the use of these themes. Read More and Sign the Petition Here

Change North Haven’s Mascot

The North Haven Public Schools “Indian” mascot insensitively depicts a stereotypical Native American. This imagery is an inaccurate conception of Indigenous individuals, representing the largely racist perception of overwhelmingly white communities of people—ancestrally Native colonizers. These mascots, caricatures and cartoons, perpetuate the harmful stereotyping of Indigenous peoples and an overall disregard for Indigenous lives and stories. Indigenous people and their diversity of unique cultures do not exist for anyone’s consumption, marketing, or “town pride.” According to the National Congress of American Indians, derogatory “Indian” sports mascots have serious psychological, social and cultural consequences for Native Americans, especially Native youth. Tribes across the country have called on sports teams to put an end to their exploitative branding at their expense. However, many refuse to enact any real changes. This change will demand this predominantly white, suburban community to acknowledge and understand the systemic racism that the persistence of this mascot endorses. Despite the multiple attempts to change the mascot in the past, in 2020, it is time we reckon with the real damages done to Indigenous communities through the town’s participation in and distribution of anti-Indigenous media. In addition, there should be much more space allotted to the history of BIPOC communities in all school curricula. Sign the Petition Here.

Vote to Discontinue Lane Tech Indian Name and Symbol

On August 4, 2020, the Lane Tech Local School Council will vote on whether to discontinue or continue the “Indian” name and symbol. We welcome your feedback. Only one response per respondent will be considered. All responses are due by 11:59 p.m. (CST) on July 31, 2020. Read More Here: https://blockclubchicago.org/2020/06/24/lane-tech-grads-renew-efforts-to-get-high-school-to-remove-its-indian-mascot-symbolism/

Sign the Petition Here: http://chng.it/Js97sdXJqf

Get Neshaminy High School to Change their racist mascot

*This school has been urged for YEARS to change their racist name and logo and in the process victimized Indigenous women/parents viciously! They need to hear our voice!

Neshaminy High School has a notoriously racist past and mascot that they have refused to change for years. The former principal, Dr. McGee even went as far as to try and censor the student run newspaper for not wanting to use the term “redskin” in the school paper. The time for Neshaminy to change their mascot is long overdue. The term r-skin is a racial slur against indigenous people and it only does harm by promoting stereotypes. Changing their mascot is just step one into dismantling some of their racist past. Indigenous people have been fighting for a long time to dismantle the racism in predominantly white institutions across the country. Now more than ever is the time to demand change and justice for Indigenous people across the country. Sign the Petition Here

Camanche Schools: No More “Indians” Mascot

“Indian” mascots are inaccurate, insulting, and harmful to Native people. Mascots do not honor Native people or their culture. Camanche Schools must retire the mascot and all Native American imagery from representations of the schools. Around two-thirds of Native people who strongly identify as Native find Native mascots and the behaviors associated with them (such as the “tomahawk chop”) offensive.

The National Congress of American Indians states that,

From time immemorial, the greatness of tribal nations and Native people has been the foundation of America’s story. From tribes’ role as America’s first governments, to modern day actors, athletes, and political leaders, Native people contribute to American greatness every single day. Negative Indian stereotypes – especially those perpetuated by sports mascots – affect the reputation and self-image of every single Native person and foster ongoing discrimination against tribal citizens. Indian mascots and stereotypes present a misleading image of Indian people and feed the historic myths that have been used to whitewash a history of oppression. Read More and Sign the Petition Here

Removal of Native American Mascot, “Weehawken Indians”

Nia Eberhard, Rosie Moran, Emma Odette, Gabriela Carrera, Sasha Hernandez, Gianna Valicenti, Zoe Martin 

Two thousand and twenty is the year for change. As minority groups in America are demanding their voices be heard we want ours heard too. There have been marches, speeches, murals, and other forms of protest to voice the change that needs to happen. In Weehawken change needs to be done too. The Weehawken Indians will finally be no more.

Weehawken is a racially diverse town. We have residents from every background and our numbers are only growing. How can we brag about being open to all races, ethnicities, and identities but, yet we pride ourselves on having a Native American mascot? We call ourselves the Indians without understanding that this is a derogatory term to all indigenous people. The Native Americans that resided in Weehawken were the Lenape, by calling them what European settlers mistook them for is contributing to the erasure of their history. Read More and Sign the Petition Here

Retire the Redmen

We are East Islip High School alumni who have gone on to become successful doctors, lawyers, artists, teachers, parents, and active members of our communities. We are tax paying East Islip school district citizens who love our bagels, pizza, Italian ices, and driving down Bayview Avenue to watch the sunset by the bay. We are current East Islip school district students who are on championship-winning sports teams, in top-notch music ensembles, and are working hard to prepare to attend some of the best universities in the country. We are filled with EI Pride. We love our hometown by the bay. It is because of this pride that we humbly ask our town and our school district to do better by finally retiring the Redmen mascot. Read More and Sign the Petition Here.

Update John Burroughs High School’s Racist Mascot

I am a proud alumna of John Burroughs High School. My alma mater, established in 1948 in Burbank, California, was named after naturalist John Burroughs and unfortunately dubbed the “Indians” as the mascot. For 72 years this racist symbol has appeared on the school’s buildings, yearbooks, and website: https://www.burbankusd.org/jbhs. The name has been challenged many times over the years, including in 2004 when I attended. It is time once again to broach this issue. If this name was an attempt at a tribute to the people whose land the school was built on (https://native-land.ca/) it is not the tribute they want or deserve. Read More and Sign the Petition Here.

Remove “The Indian” as the Cheyenne Mountain High School Mascot

In light of the current national dialogue surrounding racial injustice, diversity, equity, and inclusion, it is time for Cheyenne Mountain High School to take accountability and reopen a discussion about the removal and replacement of the “Indian” as its mascot.

CMHS’s “Indian” mascot is a harmful reminder of the oppression and marginalization of Native Americans that exists today. It is a dehumanization of culture in an academic setting where students of all backgrounds should feel worthy and safe. We need to unite together to end the racial discrimination scarring our community by removing a symbol that trivializes indigenous people, their personhood, their cultures, and the trauma they’ve endured at the hand of colonialism and white supremacy. Read More and Sign Petition Here.

Change Minooka Community High School’s Mascot

For decades, MCHS has been the “Home of the Indians,” a promotional catchphrase that is insensitive to Native Americans of the past, as well as those currently residing in our community. Some argue that this choice of mascot honors the Native Americans; however, representing ourselves as “Indians” in a stereotypical manner is dehumanizing, and many Native Americans have expressed their opposition to this harmful practice. The National Congress of American Indians kindly explains that mascots like the “Minooka Indians” “perpetuate negative stereotypes of America’s first peoples, and contribute to a disregard for the personhood of Native peoples.” The unfortunate truth is, Indian mascots were created in a society where bigotry and racism were widely accepted. As our school continues to grow, we need to leave indifference and ignorance about racial issues in the past and make necessary changes to move forward. We urgently propose that Minooka Community High School change our mascot. Sign the Petition Here

Happy Valley needs to Change its Native American theme

Our school perpetuates harmful stereotypes using “tomahawk chops” during football games and pretending to chant as well as keeping a Native American headdress at our school. The native community on several occasions has expressed deep offense taken from their culture being appropriated and misrepresented. By changing Happy Valleys theme we set an example of respect for indigenous culture in the future generationsThe football team call themselves the “warriors” and on flyers, walls, and merchandise you may find an offensive representation of a Native man with dark skin, large nose, and exaggerated cheekbones. Historically the exaggeration of certain racial features has been used to degrade and make a mockery of the features which may be found in a certain demographic; and while not directly malicious can contribute to an already rampant stereotype of Native culture as a whole. Sign the Petition Here

Asking Exeter Chiefs to drop its harmful use of Indigenous Peoples’ imagery & branding

Update (5 July 2020): Through this campaign we’ve had the privilege of being able to connect with various brilliant Indigenous groups and representatives to discuss the topic of Indigenous culture in sport. One thing (among many!) we have learned is that it is preferable to use the terms Indigenous Peoples or First Nation Peoples when referring to the impacted communities. This is because they pre-date the foundings of the USA and Canada.

Whilst it is not racist or offensive to use the term Native American, we will be respecting the feedback we have received, and use will use Indigenous Peoples or First Nation Peoples from now on in our communications. Read More and Sign the Petition HERE.

Rename “Indian Fields” Elementary School

The term “Indians” in reference to indigenous people is outdated.  Indigenous people in America should be referred to by their specific tribe names or the umbrella term of Indigenous or Native Americans. As a community that prides itself on diversity and respect, we believe it is important to respect and honor the Lenape people. 

Indian Fields Elementary School rests on the land that once belonged to the Lenape tribe. The school originally received the name “Indian Fields” in honor of the artifacts uncovered during the building’s construction. Since then, we as a nation, and as a community, have progressed to understand the power in a name and the struggle that comes with being addressed improperly. Though the name “Indian Fields” has graced the elementary school for decades, it is time for change and progress. Read More and Sign the Petition HERE.

Change the Name – Demand Wapakoneta Schools to Change Mascot

Dictionary.com Definition of the Word R*dskin:  “Noun. Older slang: Disparaging or Offensive. A contemptuous term used to refer to a North American Indian” 

Inspired by the recent name change by the Washington NFL team, there have been conversations started all over the country about racist and outdated team names. A past alumni posted on Facebook calling for action from Wapakoneta City Schools to change their name from the racial slur R*dskins. The writers of this petition, Michelle Bellman and Erin Engle, are past alumni who graduated from Wapakoneta in 2015.  Along with many other past alumni, we agree that it is time for a change. Read More and Sign the Petition Here.

Change the Columbia River High School Mascot

To the Board of Directors of Vancouver Public Schools:

In light of the current national dialogue surrounding racial injustice, diversity, equity, and inclusion, we would like to reopen a discussion about the removal and replacement of the Columbia River High School mascot. As CRHS alumni ourselves, we join the current student body and concerned community members to call upon you to take swift action. Respectfully, this requested change is long overdue.

In 1993, the Washington State Board of Education passed a resolution calling for schools to review and reevaluate mascots so that they are “free from bias and derogatory connotations or effects associated with race, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, and disability” (1). While some of the cartoonish imagery was changed to a mural depiction in 1994, we believe CRHS has failed its students and community by not replacing the mascot entirely in 1994, or when the Washington State Board of Education reaffirmed this resolution in 2012 (2). In 2005, the American Psychological Association “called for the immediate retirement of all Native American mascots” due to harm it causes Native American children (3). Most recently, a group of CRHS students “consulted with leaders from the local Chinook and Cowlitz tribes, as well as current and former Native American students of the high school. They said the images made them uncomfortable at school and made it difficult for them to express school spirit” (4). Read More and Sign the Petition Here

Change the racist ‘Indian’ mascot of Shawnee Mission North High School

Since the early 1900’s, Shawnee Mission North’s mascot has been a Native American man. Indigenous culture should not be a mascot. This alone can and has had a terrible affect on the indigenous population in the school. As if it wasn’t bad enough already, the pep rallies consist of two people dressing up in ‘gowns’ and dancing around. 

     This cultural appropriation would not be accepted if performed by a single person, so why do we let this school get away with it? 

Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/6xYK6Qd2km

Change the “Armuchee Indian” Mascot

Founded in Rome, Georgia in the 1900s, Armuchee High School is a predominantly white, evangelical, conservative, southern community. As is the case with many areas in the United States; Rome, Georgia has a violent history in regards to the egregious expulsion of Cherokee natives from the area (southernspaces.org). Rome is an outdated and it is obvious that, rather than honoring Native peoples, Floyd County’s use of an “Armuchee Indian” mascot perpetuates harmful caricatures and stereotypes towards America’s first peoples. This is grossly contributing to a disregard for the personhood of Natives. The bigotry is directly exhibited by the use of sacred “Indian” artifacts and dress being worn by white students in an effort to show “school spirit,” by students and faculty engaging in chants and Indian circles, by cheerleaders performing “tribal dances” at games, and etc., all of which trivialize Native American culture and rituals. Due to this, I implore the Armuchee area and community to be on the right side of history – for once. Change your offensive mascot. Human beings who have been forced to leave their homes, humans who have been forced to endure and suffer and die should NOT be reduced to a picture printed on the shirts of willfully ignorant students, parents, and teachers. Especially when it was those of the same race who drove them out of the Armuchee area, historically speaking. We should be ashamed by our collective ignorance. Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/7KxDxNQstC

Change the Chieftain mascot of Bellefontaine City Schools

It is time for the Bellefontaine City School Administration to change their Chieftain mascot and end the many forms of cultural appropriation that has stemmed from it. The harm that this mascot, as well as others like it, have on Indigenous communities can be best explained by John Two-Hawks, an activist and member of the Oglala Lakota Tribe. He stated “for starters, they insult. More importantly, they cause our children to feel embarrassed and ashamed of who they are. On a larger scale, ‘Indian’ mascots serve to trivialize us as a people”. The use of our Chieftain mascot is aiding in the spread of unrealistic stereotypes that people have created of Indigenous people. Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/yQz7K8nx5N

Remove the Apache emblem from Arcadia High School

Arcadia High School (AHS) is one of the most prestigious public schools in the United States, with an incredible body of both students and faculty. The school has been a champion of diversity, with an impressive body of students, extracurricular activities, and community engagement. So why does Arcadia continue propping up their racist Apache emblem?

The City of Arcadia’s official emblem is the peacock, which famously walk freely around the city. Yet, AHS has stuck to an Apache emblem. This is not a way to honor Indigenous peoples, nor is it preserving their history— rather, this “noble savage” imagery contributes to the subjugation and compartmentalization of Indigenous peoples. Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/rXzVTBcCRs

Change the Mascot: La Puente High School

Miyiiha (Hello),

My name is Kelly Leah Stewart, I am an alumni of La Puente High School (LPHS); I graduated from the school in 1999.  I also want to note that I am of Luiseno and Gabrielino-Tongva descent. I am starting this petition to discuss the removal of the “Warrior” mascot and name from LPHS, specifically the use of the Plains Indian, known as Tommy Tomahawk. This petition is difficult to start, as it may result in extreme backlash from so many alumni, but it is necessary.

I know that many alumni of LPHS find great pride in the “Warrior” mascot, as do many people who reside in the city of La Puente. They have fond memories of events in the “wigwam,” doing the Tomahawk hand gesture during pep rallies & football games, many may have even repeated the rumor that the high school (and city for that matter) was “built on an Indian burial ground,” and some may look upon the Plains Indian mascot with pride. Many people may even think that all of these things “honors” Native peoples. Let me say… IT DOESN’T! It didn’t back then, it doesn’t today. Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/KBGLR7NcWv

Retire All of Toms River Regional School District’s Indigenous American Mascots

It’s time for Toms River Regional Schools to retire all racially insensitive mascots depicting indigenous Americans, including the Toms River High School South “Indians”, Toms River Intermediate School South “Seminoles”, and Washington Street Elementary School “Warriors”.

After repeated community efforts over decades to change the original Toms River High School “Fighting Indians” mascot, officials at Toms River Regional have instead aggressively defended the name and even added two newer mascots with the same racial undertones – Toms River Intermediate School South “Seminoles” and Washington Street Elementary “Warriors.” With many people awakening to racial injustice due to current events, now is the time to stand in solidarity, right the injustices in our own communities, and show our school pride and respect for indigenous Americans in a meaningful way that inspires future students. Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/zkY25bxLp9

Change the Yakoo Mascot at NQHS

The mascot of North Quincy High School is the Yakoo, an offensive caricature that stereotypes Native American culture. The Yakoo came to be when Dr. Allan Yacubian attended NQHS. It was created in 1957 when a fellow student drew the caricature of him as part of a contest for a new mascot. Ironically, Dr. Yacubian is of Armenian descent. Dr. Yacubian has been a longtime booster of school programs and a great contributor for college scholarships for Quincy students. 

We want to remove the Yakoo from North Quincy because of its racial implications. The removal of the Yakoo is not meant to take from away the significance of Dr. Yacubian’s contributions but rather to bring light and awareness to the harmful racial stereotypes American culture has long associated with Native Americans. It is hypocritical of QPS officials to say that they have been listening to concerns brought on social media about racism in our school systems and wanting to move forward with positive change when they refused to remove the Yakoo, a strong representation of racist and harmful stereotypes. Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/XBRBg8sbSf

Change the Mascot of William R. Boone High School

Indigenous people are the true natives of America. They were here before colonization, and had their land stolen and pillaged. Disgusting acts of violence were committed to natives and continue to be committed. When colonialism brought white supremacy to this continent, a genocide ensued that killed an estimated 90% of their population. Today, Native American women are going missing, and racism continues to plague their communities. According to ihs.gov, “American Indians and Alaska Natives continue to die at higher rates than other Americans in many categories, including chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, diabetes mellitus, unintentional injuries, assault/homicide, intentional self-harm/suicide, and chronic lower respiratory diseases.” https://www.ihs.gov/newsroom/factsheets/disparities/Environmental racism affects their communities, and sacred land is taken from them in violation of treaties. Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/sh8L4KYHwn

Change the Sayre District Mascot

Sayre Area School District “educates today’s students for tomorrow’s world.” Tomorrow’s world will not and should not include racist or pejorative terms as mascots. We believe that the Sayre Area School District Administration and Sayre Area School District School Board have an opportunity and responsibility to work with the Sayre Area School District community to facilitate a discussion about possibly changing the current mascot to a mascot that properly reflects the rich cultural heritage of the area.

In an increasingly heated national debate over whether Native Americans should be used as mascots, we implore “the little school with a big heart” to be an example to other school districts with existing harmful mascots to have the courage and conviction to #RetireTheRedskin. 

Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/Hr7nsRTMrs

Change Alta Loma’s Racist Mascots

“Alta Loma Elementary, Junior High, and High School need to change their racist mascots and logos to something that responsibly reflects the current generation of the student body.

I graduated from ALHS in 2010. It’s disgraceful to me that a decade after graduating, it is still a school using Indigenous peoples as a mascot. Though the idea of changing it has been explored in the past, there has been minimal progress. We can rectify this; One way to start is to throw a design competition for each school, awarding the student who created the best new mascot and logo.

Changing the mascots and logos isn’t about being “politically correct” as much as it is how these mascots’ stereotypes ignore the genocidal history and biases incurred to Native communities. While Native Americans have been and are still killed, denigrated, stolen from and disenfranchised for participating in cultural practices let alone existing, non-Native Alta Loma students get to freely “play Indian” while learning nothing about Natives’ real lives. A true honoring of Alta Loma’s culture would be to teach the history of the original stewards of the land– the Gabrielino-Tongva community. We can step in the right direction by inviting Tribal guest speakers to teach students about Tongva history and hiring Indigenous teachers so students can see humanized representations of Native excellence.” Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/FJxdPLWK7w

Change Millis MA “Mohawk” mascot 


My name is Rebekah Kohls and I’m a former student, athlete, staff member, and volunteer of the Millis Public School systems. I was a proud member of the Millis Public Schools family from 2000-2014.

I now live in Austin, TX. I have, since graduating, been less than vocal about my public school experience. I had great teachers, coaches, mentors, and friends but, there’s always been a shadow cast over my time there. I cannot say the word “Millis” without thinking, “Mohawk”. I often think back to our small white suburban town and cringe at the ignorance. Maybe I cringe the most because I attended countless rallies, football games, and athletic events with a feather in my hair or with “war paint” on my face. After leaving Millis I was educated on the harmful implications of misusing and misrepresenting an indigenous people in western culture. I, along with other alumni, staff, parents, and students believe it is time to remove the Millis Mohawk. We would like to show the Millis School Council the abundant support in this change. Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/4Hk2LwMzKM

Change the Savannah R-III Schools Mascot- No More Savages

“I am a former student from the Savannah R3 School District- alumna of Minnie Cline Elementary, Savannah Middle School, to Savannah High School. While attending this school, we were never taught the importance or history of the land we stood on. We were never taught about Native Americans in general. The history of our school never seemed important to anyone. I didn’t know until much later on that I grew up on the homelands of the Kiikaapoi (Kickapoo), Osage, Kaw (Kansa), and Očeti Šakówiŋ (Sioux)”. Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/Lh9FFGFwC6

Change Billerica’s Mascot

We, the undersigned, are alumni of Billerica Public Schools, students, residents and former residents of Billerica, and members of the Billerica community, and people from all over the world. We demand Billerica Public Schools end the use of the “Indian” as a mascot. The use of the “Indian” as a mascot is inherently racist. As stated by the American Psychological Association: 

“The use of American Indian mascots as symbols in schools and university athletic programs is particularly troubling because schools are places of learning. These mascots are teaching stereotypical, misleading and too often, insulting images of American Indians. These negative lessons are not just affecting American Indian students; they are sending the wrong message to all students.” – Former APA President Ronald F. Levant, EdD Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttps://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/364/982/040/

Change Hurricane’s Mascot

Hurricane High School is prestigious in its academics, with some of the highest graduation rates and SAT scores in the state of West Virginia. Great educators, personnel, community, athletic teams, and the arts all make Hurricane a great place to be. 

We are in a historic period of social justice in this country. As citizens call for an end to systemic racism, it is important to examine our own communities and help advocate for a better future. That is why we asking to change Hurricane Middle and High School’s mascot. The term “redskin” is a racial slur, used to denigrate or put down Indigenous people. The term does not honor them, and many tribes and nations have spoken against the term “redskin” for decades.

Read More and Sign Petition Herehttp://chng.it/zhp6Tsnkk7

Change Manteo Middle & High School’s Racist Mascots

“Native Americans who strongly identify with being Native American and engage in tribal cultural practices are deeply insulted if called “Redskin”. “Redskin” is equivalent to the “N” word. “Redskin” is a slur and an inappropriate way to describe Native Americans. It may not be mean to tell someone their skin is reddish.  But it is mean to call someone a “Redskin”. There is a difference…”

-From the Roanoke-Hatteras Council, Algonquian Indians of NC, Inc., June 2020

It’s time for Manteo High School and Manteo Middle School to adopt mascots that past, present, and future students can proudly support. We are demanding that Manteo High School and Manteo Middle School begin phasing out their mascots and choose new mascots for the 2020-2021 school year. Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/c7QtLXxFdc

Help End Harmful Stereotypes & Race Based Mascots in Our Schools

For too long race based “Indian” mascots have been used for entertainment while Indigenous peoples suffer the consequences. These mascots are insulting, racist and historically inaccurate. Every “Indian Tribe” in New Jersey is against schools using their likeness for mascots. In 2016 I tried to get the Keyport school district to replace the mascot and fell short by just one vote. Now it’s a new day! Sign this petition and let’s hope for more change. The high school’s Indian mascot is called the Red Raider. The middle school calls themselves the Keyport Indians. Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/YT8BLvx9RN

Roseburg High School drop the “Indian” mascot

“As an enrolled member of the Klamath Tribe and also someone of Creek and Cherokee heritage, I don’t feel honored by my former high school using “Indians” as their mascot. The majority of Natives agree that we don’t want our culture being used as a mascot.

Native psychologist Dr. Stephanie Fryberg, who is from the Tulalip Tribe, has studied the mascot issue and collected data which proves that Native mascots are harmful to Natives. Representations matter. 

Native mascots are a form of erasure for Indigenous people. If we don’t exist in a modern context and remain as mascots then it is easier for the majority culture to ignore our very existence. It’s the modern form of discrimination against Natives because it aids in our invisibility to society…” Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/WdzxTxvMfp

Change Bountiful High School’s Offensive & Racist Mascot

“I graduated from Bountiful High in 2013. In the wake of recent events, I wanted to draw attention to the offensive, outdated, and racist mascot of Bountiful High School, the Brave and advocate for a change. As we see a shift on the national level with professional teams reevaluating their racist mascots, we are hoping to make one here, closer to home.

It’s shameful and embarrassing to me that Bountiful High is one out of the three high schools in Utah that still uses an indigenous person as their mascot. It is not right that a rich culture and history is being reduced to a mascot. The idea of changing the mascot has been explored in the past, but there have been minimal changes to the representation of Indigenous peoples in the school. Now is the time to change the mascot and rectify the years of inherent and obvious racism at the heart of Bountiful High School. Let’s work together to change that….” Read More and Sign the Petition Herehttp://chng.it/ZtrbxbbFPm

Change Keller High School’s Offensive Mascot

“I’m reviving the petition to change the racist and offensive “Indian” mascot of Keller High School. I have seen the positive steps of action that schools like Richland High (formerly Richland Rebels) and Arlington Martin (removing insensitive Native American mascot and headdress logos) have taken and I want to keep that momentum going for justice in my hometown.

The original petition from 2017 started by the Society of Native Nations only had around 2,000 supporters. And the petition to keep the mascot had 10,000. An ethnicity is not a mascot. A native headdress is not for non-natives to use as their logos. A school cannot stand against racism and teach their students how to shut racism down in their surroundings while actively promoting an insensitive caricature of an entire culture.” Read more and sign the petition herehttp://chng.it/Fspg5YhQkY 

Change the name of the Social Circle Redskins

In Social Circle, Georgia, the name of all our middle school and high school sports teams is the Social Circle Redskins, and our emblem is a Native American man. Redskins is an offensive term used to describe Native Americans, and has been for decades. With the Washington Redskins working on changing their name, I think if the members of our community came together, we could do the same, and choose another mascot/emblem as well. I want people to feel welcome at our school, regardless of race, and that can’t happen with an offensive term being so openly displayed on our schools fields, merchandise, website, and more. Please help us change the name and mascot at our school by signing this petition. Read More and Sign Petition Herehttp://chng.it/vFPhYkhxQM

Change the Wayne Valley Mascot 

The Wayne Valley High School administration needs to hold themselves accountable for creating the change that they supposedly want to see. Despite the many initiatives and campaigns that are proudly discussed, Wayne Valley administration has not been holding themselves accountable for making sure that their student population has become any less racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, religiously intolerant, etc..  If they did choose to hold themselves accountable, then they would realize that their efforts are simply not sufficient. Read More and Sign Petition Herehttp://chng.it/GVH7YDzjZB

Change Port Neches-Groves High School’s Mascot

This petition is necessary because an ethnicity is NOT a mascot. A native headdress is not a logo, it is a sacred rite of Native American peoples earned by honorable warriors. A school cannot be “against racism” while actively promoting a generalized mimicry of an entire culture.

Does tradition really trump racism?? Whether or not you are personally offended, you have NO right to dismiss the anger and frustration of Native peoples who are tired of being nothing more than a trope while having no real representation.

We are simply asking that Port Neches-Groves High School stop the racist insensitivity toward Native Americans. Read More and Sign the Petition Here: http://chng.it/bdZ4nG9RbP

Retire the Sachem mascot

Since Pentucket was founded in 1954, the Sachem has represented the school for over 60 years. As alumni, students, and community members agree, it is time to respectfully retire the Sachem mascot.

As alumni, the school ill-prepared us for our futures by not educating us about the importance of the local Indigenous history. Without this knowledge, many of us learned after high school that the mascot was inappropriate. At multi-cultural colleges, many of us had not heard Indigenous voices until leaving Pentucket.

Originally based on the Sachem leaders of the Pennacook, the mascot of PRHS does not represent the values this community holds. The Pennacook were a peaceful group driven out by colonizers in the seventeenth century. Their people were murdered and enslaved, and as a result, the Pennacook had to retreat from the Haverhill area all the way to northern New Hampshire and Canada over the span of fewer than 50 years.

A mascot is meant to represent a school, often in athletics, in an intimidating and aggressive manner. However, the true Pennacook sachems, who were the political and spiritual leaders, were peaceful and sought no violence against others.

We can no longer rob the Pennacook of their history by stealing their culture and identity to repurpose in our community. We ask to respectfully retire the Sachem mascot.

Sign the Petition Here: http://chng.it/yPpJ2xTVc9

Retire the Canal Winchester Indian as a Mascot

The students, alumni, community members, and supporters of the Canal Winchester Local School District named below call upon administration to promote a district culture of anti-racism and compassion by retiring our mascot, the Canal Winchester Indian. We, as a community, uphold human dignity, self-esteem, and respect as inalienable rights. However, we cannot claim to stand for equality in our schools while promoting a racial caricature of the Native American people in our country. We offer a suggestion for a non-discriminatory mascot—the maroon-tailed hawk, allowing our district colors and feather symbolism to remain. Read More and Sign the Petition Here.

Change Unionville High School’s mascot

For years, Unionville High School has been using the Indian as a mascot with little to no outrage from community members. In a mostly white and affluent district, the mascot is irrefutably offensive, and tradition alone is not a valid reason to keep a celebration of the stolen land and culture that Unionville rests on. During pep rallies, students are encouraged to “let out an animalistic, guttural scream like an Indian on a warpath” and are admonished for resisting. Students unaware of Indigenous culture or significance wear headdresses and warpaint to signify school spirit. Historically, they have been known to paint the representative red and/or white. Each of these examples relays the deep racism against the Indigenous population of the United States and in our area. While the idea of changing the mascot was explored in the past, there have been minimal changes to the representation of Indigenous peoples in the school. This is the time to change the mascot and rectify the 90+ years of inherent, obvious racism at the heart of Unionville High School. Read More and Sign the Petition Here: https://www.change.org/p/unionville-high-school-administration-change-unionville-high-school-s-mascot-ea8fa02d-691f-42d5-bf79-0a4efa2b94a2