Blackhorse: Kathy Griffin Trump Head? Be Disgusted by Decapitated Indians, Too

People are appalled that Kathy Griffin posted a photo of a faux decapitated Trump — but we see ‘decapitated’ Indians all the time

Actress and comedian Kathy Griffin is facing a fierce backlash after she posted a picture of a mock-bloodied decapitated head of Donald Trump. CNN even fired her from an annual special because of the photo and announced Griffin would not be back to host their New Years’ Eve program with Anderson Cooper.

Kathy Griffith apologized for this photo of a mock decapitated Trump.

Kathy Griffin apologized for this photo of a mock decapitated Trump.

Although Kathy Griffin has profusely apologized, folks around the web continue to call the photo disgusting, vile, hateful, and over the top. People said that free speech has gone too far, and CNN is well within their rights to fire Griffin because it was just too repulsive. There was one article on USA Today that was even titled, “How Kathy united all of us.” Think about that for a moment: Somehow, according to the article, Griffin claiming the severed head of a very unpopular president united even his toughest critics and those who opposed his long list of hateful acts, erroneous policy, and outright hate speech toward a majority (people of color) in the United States. Somehow, now because of Griffin, we can all hold hands and sing Kumbaya as one? *big eye roll*


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